Electronic Payments save Time and Money, Ultimately Delivering Convenience.

 Online payment processing leverages innovative technologies that allow companies to accept payments via the web, including by credit, Net Banking and debit card. A payment processor is a merchant-appointed company or Bank that enables these payments. The timesaving afforded by online payments lets companies focus on their core business and avoid the hassle associated with manual payments.

How Does Online Payment Processing Work?

 * There are a number of steps involved with processing a successful credit/debit card or net banking transaction:

Step 1: User Initiates Online Payment
 The user logs in to pay Maintenance, Electricity, Water, Sewerage or any other payment. He/she selects from a range of online payment methods including net banking, credit card and debit card, provides information such as name, credit card information, and billing address, and then submits a payment.

Step 2: Global Realty Creations Limited to Payment Processor
Global Realty Creations Limited forwards the transaction details to its payment processor via a dedicated link, which is monitored 24x7x365 to ensure uninterrupted processing.

Step 3: Payment Processor to Card Networks to Card Issuing Bank
The payment processor validates the payment details by sending them through the credit / debit card networks (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) that in turn relay them to the card issuing bank for authorization.

Step 4: Card Issuing Bank
The user’s card-issuing bank approves or denies the transaction based on the status of the card and whether or not the transaction is within the cardholder’s credit limit.

Step 5: Payment Processor to Card Networks to Global Realty Creations Limited
If the payment is approved, the card issuer charges the customer and sends the funds to the card networks less fees that cover costs like credit risk and rewards. The card networks relay the transaction approved status back to the payment processor, which then informs Global Realty Creations Limited and passes on the funds, less applicable fees.

Step 6: Global Realty Creations Limited to User Global Realty Creations Limited notifies the user
whether the transaction is approved or denied via the online payment interface. In the event the payment is denied, Global Realty Creations Limited payment gateway relays this information back to the site or app and due to the fact that the card issuer did not authorize the transaction, no further action is taken.